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2019 FILLY
by Suchan Ego out of Gotta Lotta Charm by IGCS

gotta lotta charm 2019filly1.jpg gotta lotta charm 2019filly2.jpg gotta lotta charm 2019filly3.jpg

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Retirement seems to be an illusion for us. We are as busy as ever with the ranch and actually bred four mares this year. From year to year we find ourselves back in the "game". The ranch is a wonderful incentive to keep us active, and we really do enjoy it. This year we will be showcasing our riders, also.

Thanks to Dr Michael Wiley of Equi-Center veterinary in Norman, Oklahoma for all your help.

Big thanks to our daughter Karen Strom Torrice for all her help in the barn.

What you see on the pages of this web-site is the result of years of hard work, determination, and our commitment to producing world class halter show horses. While an outstanding breeding program consists of many elements, strong broodmares are the core of our program. To that end we have assembled some of the best in the Quarter Horse world. These are some of the most well--bred and prettiest mares you will find anywhere.

Just having a great set of mares, though, does not mean automatic success. You also have to decide which of the great stallions out there will cross with those mares. Making the decision as to which stallions to breed to is an ongoing process. As the American Quarter Horse Association changes, so do the breeding programs. As a breeder, you really need to keep up with those changes. We feel we have done just that. We hope you do, also.

It takes a lot of people to keep a horse-breeding operation going, but the effort is not without its rewards. When the new year's foals are born, the thrill of a new crop is awesome. A new year brings new optimism and excitement.

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